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How to trade

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Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and 170 other trading instruments with as low as £100.
Growth of Bitcoin during the last four years

170 Trading Instruments

+2.29M %
Maximum growth
+3.77k %
Maximum growth
+3.29k %
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Currency pairs, stock CFDs, indices CFS, commodities CFDs

FAQ: Bitcoin trading

Why you should trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is among the most interesting assets on the market. Its price is changing in a rapid manner. People are striving to buy or to mine cryptocurrencies. Both ways are complicated and expensive. Libertex offers a cost-efficient way of Bitcoin trading. You can trade on both growth and surge of Bitcoin quote. The best thing, you can try with as low as £100.

How to trade Bitcoin with Libertex?

Choose Bitcoin in a list of instruments. Adjust the chart. You can choose different looks of a graph appearance, depending on your preferences. Analyze the price trend. Do you feel like the price will grow? Submit buy trade. Do you think the price will slump? Open a sell order.

How to understand where the price will go?

There is no 100% way to understand price direction, yet there are some tips. There is a traders’ sentiment chart right on a screen with Bitcoin chart. You can go with the crowd, or against it. This might help to make a decision.

How to open a trade?

After choosing a direction press BUY or SELL button depending on your prediction. Then you will see advanced settings for your trade. Set up amount of your trade, a Multiplier, and make a trade. That’s it. Don’t forget to close it after you’ve reached your desired profit.

What is a multiplier?

Multiplier is an increase of your trading volume. Imagine you open a trade with £10 and x5 multiplier. While your investment is £10, your trade volume is 5 times higher, i.e. £50.

How to decrease risks?

We offer such tools as Stop Loss and Take Profit to decrease your trading risks. You can set up these parameters right on the trade screen. Both of these tools close your trades automatically on the level you set up. Define how much you want to risk and set stop loss on this level.

How to withdraw funds?

Go to a wallet tab, and tap "withdraw funds" button. Then indicate a preferable payment method: Credit card, wire transfer or Skrill. Submit a withdrawal request, and you will receive your money in 24 hours.

Why Libertex?

Libertex is a multi device platform that enables trading with cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, currency pairs, metals, and energy resources without concealed commissions. The registration is immediate and grants you an access to a personal account management portal from a mobile or a desktop device of any type. Try yourself now!


Dana Pohl
1 week ago
So far I really like it, Let's see how things will go on. I think the handling is not too difficult, and if one is no fool, you will get along with it.
2 months ago
Actually this is a great app. It is very easy to use, many features stand out. Please download and explore the interesting of it.
Thomas Ott
2 months ago
Top app... excellent graphics and the current quotes from many assets.
1 month ago
I think this app is a great choice for beginners and experienced investors. It has all the features needed for trading and investing in various financial assets.
2 months ago
Easy to operate the Finanzen tool class app, than the same type of app operation is more simple, more convenient to use, the effect is better, the platform is more stable, five-star praise!
Dirk Köhler
1 month ago
Very clear app. Advantage … runs also on the PC… some other trading apps could cut a slice off from this one.
Maximilian Steinecker
1 month ago
Top! In my opinion the best trading app in the store. Although not all indices etc. are represented, but the clear interface and the very user-friendly handling more than compensate for this. A big plus is also real-time support, without annoying emails. In short, very big praise!
Best Affiliate Program 2016
The Best Mobile App 2016
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Libertex is one of the best web and mobile platform for effective trading with different financial assets: stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities such as gold, oil and gas.